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NEW PhD. Student or Post-doc in a French lab starting new projects in the fascinating world of molecular biology?

New England Biolabs France’s free Starter Pack is dedicated to you with its outstanding tools & goodies!

Competitive prices & high quality products confers NEB, market leader in enzymatic technology, to be your supplier of choice for all your needs in molecular biology.

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The NEB Starter Pack 2023 contains(1):

• Choice to include or not the NEB Catalog & Technical Reference 2023/24 incl. Buffer Chart Poster
• Molecular Cloning Technical Guide
• Scientific update NEB Expressions Spring 2023
• Year planner poster 2024
• RNA Metro Map Poster
On-line Tools 
• NEB Water bath floaty
• NEB Post-It 
• Eco-friendly Pack Webcam cover & USB Key 8Go
• Quick Load Purple 1kb Plus ladder sample

 (1)content may vary

 *Offer valid through 15th of December 2023, shipment only to professional address in France metropolitan, one per person and as long as stock while stocks last.

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