Award of the Best PhD Student of the year!

For its last (but not least!) 10th anniversary event, NEB France offers you the opportunity to showcase your research.

The NEB France Jury will award the Best Student of the Year Award at the end of the competition based on the following criteria:

• Use of NEB products
• Number of publications
• Impact Factor

Gain visibility: NEB France publishes your work!

Have you or any of your colleagues already submitted your Molecular Biology thesis for the year 2021, or are you about to do so?

Be elected Best PhD Student of the Year 2021!

NEB France offers you a promotional package (worth € 1,000 including taxes) to publish your thesis on the digital platform of your choice(subject to validation by NEB France).

To participate, submit your application by filling out the form below in order to send us your thesis (in PDF) and get the chance to highlight your work!

* Only one winner will be chosen by the jury of NEB France to benefit from the promotion package.


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